What Digital Marketing Expert Says About Digital Marketing Future

The digital world has evolved tremendously in recent years. There are various factors that contribute to the advancement of this industry, such as technology and improved infrastructure. This is signifying a greater emphasis on online marketing and attracting more customers across different channels.

There has been an alleged shortage of digital marketing professionals worldwide in the past few years, and many companies struggle to fill their vacancies in this area. However, there is still an abundance of talent waiting in the wings. Digital marketing agencies should embrace remote working opportunities by hiring talented workers from anywhere .

In order for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, it is imperative that they get involved with digital marketing activities at some stage or another. In this article, we will explore topics such as: which platforms are popular, how much money is being spent, types of marketing strategies that are commonly used, and the benefits of starting a digital campaign.

In terms of advancements made in recent years, it is clear that video has been at the forefront of online interaction. Services such as Twitter’s Periscope have allowed people to broadcast live videos from their devices – offering new ways for consumers to interact with businesses. In 2015 alone, there were more than 4 billion active social media users worldwide , which shows just how important this area has become in the marketplace. Social networks cover a broad range of different demographics and interests, allowing marketers to target specific groups through their profiles and interactions on these channels. Moreover, Facebook recently launched ‘Live’ – a service that facilitates users to produce and watch live broadcasts. It has already been well-received by the market, although many reports state that Twitter’s Periscope still dominates the landscape.

Another area of online interaction is webinars , which have become extremely popular in recent years – especially with professionals practicing digital marketing strategies. Webinars are typically live broadcasts designed for businesses to present educational material to their target audience, allowing them to see a presentation from anywhere using their computer or portable device . The aim is generally to generate leads by demonstrating what you can offer as a service. With this content usually available on demand after the webinar finishes, it gives marketers an opportunity to track who viewed the presentation and take steps towards increasing conversion rates accordingly.

As well as the wide range of different strategies that are available for digital marketing, there are also a variety of channels through which marketers can reach their audience. It is rare to find an industry that does not have some form of online presence nowadays – making it even more important for businesses to integrate digital marketing into their activities. The most popular forms of content are social media networks, blogs, search engines , PPC ads, email campaigns , and video hosting websites . However, these are only the tip of the iceberg. Each platform serves a unique purpose depending on your target market and what type of service you offer.

When developing a strategy for online engagement, it is imperative that brands know who they’re targeting first . This will allow them to select the right platforms for their needs. For example, businesses looking for exposure to a wide range of social media users would benefit from advertising on Facebook, whereas companies targeting parents may want to spend their money on hosting educational webinars or creating videos that are likely to be shared with friends online.

As mentioned earlier, the digital landscape is constantly changing – meaning it is essential for marketers not to get left behind by new developments. These are just some of the areas which will play an integral role in the future of marketing strategies:

– Virtual reality  is poised to take off in 2016 and beyond, so now is the time for businesses to familiarise themselves with this technology in order for them to stay ahead of the game. It allows users regardless of location to consume content in a way that is highly immersive, which makes them feel as if they are actually there. This will be used to enhance marketing strategies online – particularly webinars and live broadcasts moving forward.

– Imagine being able to control an object or create items using your thoughts . While this may sound far fetched, it has huge implications for digital marketing strategies. As the technology continues to develop, it can be used to help consumers interact with products by simply thinking about what they want. This opens up whole new possibilities for approaches such as neuromarketing , where advertisers seek insight into consumer behaviour through their unconscious responses to certain stimuli (such as colour schemes or scents). Although this type of advertising is still not mainstream yet, businesses could stand to benefit from using it in conjunction with more traditional techniques.

– The rise of the ‘sharing economy’ is nothing new, but there has been a recent trend towards leveraging this approach for business purposes. This includes sharing collaborative workspaces, homes and even cars with other professionals to help lower costs while expanding market reach for new or growing businesses. Businesses that integrate a sharing element into their digital marketing strategies could reap the rewards by attracting potential customers who were previously out of their reach.

– There are several large organisations that have already started utilising immersive technologies such as augmented reality  to engage consumers, such as Disney’s previewing of its Star Wars movie by projecting scenes onto buildings around major cities in 2015 . Although this has not yet become commonplace, businesses would benefit from keeping an eye on the future developments of this technology and how it could be used to enhance their own marketing strategies.

– The Facebook Exchange  is an advertising tool that allows marketers to track consumer behaviour across multiple devices, which is extremely useful when trying to pinpoint the right audience for a product or service. This information can also be shared with other companies so they can offer similar products to increase sales in their stores – another example of innovative digital marketing that businesses should try out for themselves.

There are many current trends in digital marketing that have been developed from a very basic premise but have evolved over time into something completely new and unique. It’s important for business owners to keep with these changes in order to stay relevant and to set them apart in an exceptionally competitive environment.

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